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Super Cool Scientists Coloring Book

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What's better than discovering amazing stories about women in STEM? Coloring those stories!

Super Cool Scientists is a coloring book that celebrates women in science. It highlights amazing women from across the country doing important work in technology, marine science, computing, and more. They are leaders in their fields and also in education, art, business, and mentoring other young people to pursue careers in STEM. Join us in celebrating women in STEM - recognizing the people who do this work every day and also inspiring the next generation of scientists.

This is a book that can inspire young people and let them see role models like them in all sorts of science careers (not just in laboratories). A book that can also be a tool for young people dealing with anxiety in middle school through college. A book that tells the stories of scientists who deserve more recognition for the work they do in paving the way toward full inclusion in STEM (science, technology, engineering, in math). A book that highlights women who are not only scientists but also educators, authors, artists, mentors, entrepreneurs, advocates, and true leaders in every sense of the word.

About the Maker

Super Cool Scientists is written by Sara MacSorley and illustrated by Yvonne Page. Sara is the Director of the Green Streets Arts Center and Pimms at Wesleyan University.