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My First Dinosaurs! Flash Cards

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Colorful, funky flash cards lead little ones through the world of dinosaurs. Printed on thick and sturdy board and the perfect size for small hands, these cards come in a dinosaur holder box and include pictures, pronunciation, and facts about each dinosaur. 

Great for ages three and up.

About the Maker

Bob Barner is the creator of many popular children's books. Today he works largely in the field of design, illustration and writing for non-fiction picture books for young readers ages 4 to 8. When he is not in his San Francisco studio he likes to present his work to students at schools and libraries around the world.  His books are in print in French, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Five of his titles have been developed into award winning videos and set to music. He has recently performed some of his rhyming text as songs for inclusion in the e-book versions of his books.  He lives with his wife Catherine in San Francisco.