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Look Out, Look Within

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This book is about a girl named Mia who dreams of becoming a computer coding specialist and her best friend Anya, who wants to be a lawyer who fights for people who need help when she grows up. Mia is blind, and discovers the world through her senses of touch, hearing, tasting, and smelling. Her friend Anya and her teachers have so much fun doing activities together with Mia.

The book promotes a diverse and inclusive society where everyone's talents are valued.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

This book is published in print, but there's also versions in Braille and sign language (via video). When you purchase this book you are supporting efforts in India to share books in Braille with the blind.

About the Author

The book is published in India, and is written by Vandana Naidu and illustrated by Neha Talesara. Look Out, Look Within is published by White Print, India's first English lifestyle magazine in Braille. White Print strives to champion the cause of Braille literacy and inclusion. Upasana Makati is the Founder and Publisher.