Laura Winters and Beth Winters

Her Highness Builds Robots Coloring Book

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"Getting married was the happiest day of Princess Priya's life... second only to getting her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering!" 

Her Highness Builds Robots is a 42 page coloring book. The 8 1/2" by 11" coloring book features a full color glossy cover, inside coloring pages printed on 60# paper and a saddle staple binding.

In this coloring book you will meet seven diverse Princesses - Priya, Rafa, Holly, Diamond, Taylor, Jae and Juanita. In addition to being princesses, they are each pursuing an exciting and empowering profession: robot designer, chemical engineer and sculptor to name a few. Kids will love just how much there is to color on every page, and adults will love the pithy and modern sayings that accompany each drawing. This is a great gift for any child in your life or any man or woman who wishes that princesses reflected the diversity, creativity, and intelligence of the 21st Century woman.

The idea for this coloring book began one year ago when Laura, co-founder of Equalitoys, saw a coloring book for the first time in years and realized that even the princesses with the most exciting movies lost their nerve when they were turned into coloring books. The coloring book versions of these princesses were all obsessed with marriage and men. Our coloring book aims to combine the fun of coloring a ball gown with the real life opportunities women have today: building robots, designing buildings and graduating from graduate school to name a few.

About the Makers

Her Highness Builds Robots was created by Laura Winters and Beth Winters. The coloring book is beautifully illustrated by Tyler Feder whose work can be seen at .