What's Up With Your Name?

There's powerful women throughout the ages who have stood up for what they believed, ignored ideas about what they could or could not do, and spoke truth to power. The name Zora & Amelia celebrates two of these women - Zora Neale Hurston, an acclaimed fiction writer, and Amelia Earhart, a celebrated pilot. Flipping the script, from Z to A, we hope to put women in the spotlight and share items that inspire us and empower women and girls.


Plus, AnneMarie's daughter Zora was born in June 2016!


What Will This Site Sell?

We're currently working with publishers, artists, inventors, and awesome women to source items for this brand-new store. You'll likely be able to find:

  • Clothing with empowering messages to promote feminism, breaking barriers, and being yourself for everyone from babies to their grandmas.
  • Books about fearless women leaders, brave girls, role models, STEM (that's science, technology, engineering, and math) and words that inspire.
  • Toys that break gender stereotypes and encourage girls to learn and be confident.
  • Art, decor, and household products that celebrate powerful women and girls.
  • Other things that you all demand!

Can I Recommend Items For This Site?

Absolutely! Please send suggestions to hello@zoraandamelia.com.

How Soon Will My Purchase Ship?

We will get your order out the door within four business days.

Can I Return Things?

Since we're brand new and a little start-up, we're not quite up for handling returns at this time. All purchases are final.