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Planets Cross Top/Dress

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Inspire discovery & shoot for the stars. Grab this cute, one-of-a-kind dress before they are sold out. The dresses are handmade during a toddler's nap time in Adams Morgan, Washington DC. They are made of 100% preshrunk, prewashed cotton Grows with 'em - buy it big as a dress, wear it later as a shirt. Plus, the dress is reversible - less washing, more playing!
 "A kid's gender shouldn't stop them from wearing clothes that capture what they're excited about and want to engage with. When my daughter walks down the street dressed in dinosaurs she gets asked about dinosaurs. Let kids wear clothes that spark conversations leading to empowerment and confidence about their worth in this world. Let's keep girls digging." 
About the Maker

Owl & hop is the nap time occupation of Elizabeth Burks, a local D.C. art therapist and mom of a 2 year old girl named Margot. Born from the gap between her daughter's love of dirt, dinosaurs and bugs and the gendered, non-science offerings in "girls" sections of major retailers, owl & hop make quality clothes that let kids showcase their excitement of science and discovery.