Erin Twamley and Joshua Sneideman

Everyday Superheroes: Women in STEM Careers

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A children’s book tackling stereotypes in STEM, by sharing the colorful stories of 26 diverse women from an astronomer to zoologist.

We all know Wonder Woman and Superman, but have you ever heard of Dr. Vandi Verma? She's a STEM superhero, one who drives a car-sized robot on Mars! In fact, her robot discovered water on the red planet. Everyday Superheroes shares the colorful careers of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, or STEM, careers. Using their STEM superpowers - curiousity, observation, problem-solving, collaboration, data collection, and communication - these superheroes are making the world a greener, healthier, and cleaner place. You will discover that real-life STEM superheroes exist. 

About the Authors

Erin Twamley and Joshua Sneideman 

Erin Twamley is a successful educator and author for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) publications. As an author she has written 3 books for kids! Her 4th book is in progress! Besides books, she has written numerous blogs on STEAM education, lessons and teacher guides. She is dedicated to engaging the next generation of learners in protecting and creating a sustainable planet through hands-on STEAM learning. She has received recognition of her exemplary leadership in education and holds a Masters of Education (M.Ed.). She loves to travel the world and has lived on 3 continents.

Joshua Sneideman is the Vice President at Learning Blade and the 2013-2015 Albert Einstein Distinguished Education Fellow for the U.S. Department of Energy. He serves on the TN Department of Education's STEM Advisory Board for CTE, the STEM Advisory Board for the University of Tennessee of Chattanooga and is a city-appointed board member for the Chattanooga's Youth and Family Development which oversees all the Head Start programs and the Office of Family Empowerment in Hamilton County TN. Sneidman he has authored two TED-Education videos and two Amazon best selling books for hands-on STEM projects. Everyday STEM Superheros is his fourth book. Sneideman has contributed teacher professional development for Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents, National Geographic, NASA, Department of Education, the US Department of Energy and the Baltimore Orioles.


''This book is terrific! As the mother of a daughter and a son, it's something we will read together over and over again. I'm honored to be included and hope it can help convince more young people to go into these industries by piquing their interest early in their lives.'' --SUPERHERO Sonia Lo, Vertical Farmer