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Bravery Magazine - Issue 2 Mae Jemison

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Issue two of Bravery is all about astronaut and scientist Mae Jemison. Mae became the first woman of color in the world to travel to space in 1992. She conquered her fears and many barriers to pave the way for others in her wake. Issue two teaches about Mae’s life in a fun, engaging way through illustrated stories, fun DIYs, and educational activities that the whole family will enjoy. There’s even a parent section! With an illustrated cover by Maggie Cole and original content and artwork from over 16 talented artists, Bravery is both beautiful and functional. It's a guide for dreaming, creating, and doing. And it's out-of-this-world awesome.

Bravery Magazine is a quarterly print publication for kids featuring strong female role models. Full of artwork, stories and fun educational activities. Issues are for everyone, and especially for kids 4-9 years old.

Each issue highlights a brave woman and a trait she embodies. The entire magazine will help teach children about the life, work, and contributions of the woman we are featuring. Each issue will include beautiful illustrations, stories, fun DIY's, and educational activities. Bravery will serve as a resource parents can use to help teach their girls and boys about real, brave women who have done real, brave things.

For each issue of Bravery, we handpick a brave woman who has made an impact on the world in some way. The entire magazine will explore the facets of her life, dreams, and accomplishments.  Bravery is playful and engaging, easy to read, and appealing to a younger audience. Each issue will include:

-Beautiful, illustrated stories of the life and work of the featured woman

-Fun DIY activities for parents and children to do together

-Original content and artwork created specifically for Bravery Magazine

-Playful and educational activities for all ages. 

-A parent section that includes essays, artwork, and a little bit of humor

About the Makers

Meet Ashley and Elyse, the faces and mothers behind Bravery Magazine. We have an opposites attract kind of friendship, but we have a few key interests in common: we both like Waffle Crisp, a good pun, and have big ideas. Our idea for Bravery Mag was born from our frustration at the lack of kid-friendly and interesting tools to help us teach our kids about bravery and strong female role models. Bravery Magazine is a tool we've worked hard to create to help your kids (and you) be your own kind of brave.