Princess Or Pioneer? 250 Empowering Halloween Costumes for Girls

This blog is cross-posted from Build & Imagine with their permission. Build & Imagine was founded by Laurie Peterson, after noticing that the kind of play experiences she loved as a child (involving building, problem solving, designing and experimenting) were not well reflected in the “girls” section of most toy stores. She aims to create construction toys that both girls and boys will love.

Princess Or Pioneer? 250 Empowering Halloween Costumes for Girls

It can be tough to find empowering costumes for girls. I received a catalog from the Spirit Store this week that inspired this post. There were a few choices for girls that gave them a chance to role play action and adventure (thank goodness for Wonder Woman!), but they were mostly girly versions of male heroes, such as this version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The majority of costumes for girls are docile and then they quickly turn to sexy as the sizing goes up.

Build & Imagine Founder Laurie on Halloween

I am hopeful that more women will become innovators at media companies leading to empowering female characters for girls. In the meantime, we may need to think outside the royal crown if our girls aspire to be more than princesses this Halloween.

The problem isn’t just for little girls, it extends to adult women. I wanted to be a mad scientist (or more precisely a steam punk mad scientist) for Halloween last year, and the only outfit I found for purchase would have made me look like I had a different primary profession (wink wink).  In fact no matter what choice I made it seemed that my chosen profession would be secondary to the costume’s primary purpose. I ended up purchasing a lab coat costume designed for a man and modifying it for my shape. I felt pretty awesome mixing up devilish concoctions in my test tubes.

“A Mighty Girl” is a site that I follow that has collected costume ideas for girls for just this reason. You can view their list of more than 250 empowering choices here:

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