Creating Zora & Amelia

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Creating Zora & Amelia

On January 21, 2017, hundreds of thousands of people took to pretty much every street in my hometown, Washington, D.C., to show that women's rights and equality for all are not just buzzwords. I proudly strapped my six-month-old daughter Zora on my chest and went downtown, joining the crowds of joyful people in pink hats to celebrate women. 

This message of women's worth needs to be constant. Books, toys, clothing, and other products that we buy for ourselves, friends, and our children instills messages that shape our world-views. I wanted to create a place that curates awesome products that I've found - plus new creations of some amazing makers - that celebrates the power of women. 

Zora & Amelia is a growing hub for products that empowers women & girls to be themselves - smart, confident, bold, and extraordinary. I've found a LOT of great products out there, and am in the process of recruiting for this new store. Stay tuned for this site to get filled with pages of great gifts for your loved ones --- and in the meantime, send me your tips and thoughts about what we could carry at

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