Celebrating Solidarity: Women in White

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Celebrating Solidarity: Women in White

Tonight as President Trump addressed the joint session of Congress, the camera panned across the galley, landing for a moment on a sea of women wearing white. This group of coordinated women were not simply providing a nod to a fashion statement -- they were telling the nation that they stand in support of women's rights as fully equal citizens. 

Regardless of one's political aspirations, we should all applaud the message of solidarity and respect these senior leaders shared tonight. Women standing together have a much louder voice than one woman alone. We must have each other's backs in the professional workplace, to remind each other that the fight for equality must continue, that we can continue to rise up as we build on the work of those fierce independent suffragettes wearing their uniforms and marching up Pennsylvania Avenue.

As one girl tribe, let's continue to wear the uniform of solidarity. How will you help another women move forward?


Photo from the office of Congresswoman Lois Frankel via Fortune.com

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